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"CEM Corporation launches the Liberty 2.0 line of microwave peptide synthesizers."

Recently, CEM Corporation released its Liberty 2.0 instrumentation line, the next generation of automated microwave peptide synthesizers. The Liberty 2.0 series continues to advance CEM’s award-winning SPPS technology, with developments resulting in enhanced peptide purity, remarkable synthesis efficiency, and exceptional automation reliability.

What’s new?

All instrumentation in the Liberty 2.0 line features an innovative headspace flushing process which fosters a cleaner reaction vessel environment and provides unprecedented levels of peptide purity, even for sequences exceeding 100 amino acids in length. Enhanced developments in valving and fluidics management have been implemented across the entire Liberty 2.0 line and further supplement system reliability and performance, particularly under conditions of high-throughput usage. A new digitally-controlled nitrogen system improves bubbling, draining, and purging, leading to more effective washing and use with green solvent alternatives, such as N-butylpyrrolidinone (TamiSolve).

The 2.0 series features expanded reagent positions and automation options. Furthermore, all systems incorporate a powerfully updated software package, allowing for advanced programming of complex peptides and post-synthesis modifications.

“The Liberty 2.0 series is a significant advancement versus our existing microwave peptide synthesizers. It continues our pursuit of constantly improving peptide synthesis and we believe it will have a significant impact on the market.” says, Jonathan M. Collins, VP Business Development.

Liberty Blue 2.0
Liberty Prime 2.0