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"We are now distributor of the xCELLigence and eSight instruments of Agilent-ACEA!"


The different xCELLigence systems use biosensors to monitor cell behaviour via impedance, which results in a real time specific growth curve of your cell type where each cell type has his own fingerprint.

With these systems you will always stay on top of your cell treatment via the continuous readout of dynamic cell metrics, incl. cell proliferation, death, morphology, and cell-substrate attachment quality.

Follow your cells without staining, directly into the incubator, resulting in:

  • Stress free experiments
  • No Blackbox in the follow-up of your study
  • No risk of losing your best time point to visualize an effect or apply treatment on your cells

Typical assays are:

  • Immune cell killing
  • Cell invasion and migration
  • Cardiotoxicity testing
  • Drug discovery/development
  • Receptor signaling
  • Virus cytopathic effects
  • Biofilm dynamicsCell-cell interactions