CEM Corporation launches the Liberty 2.0 line of microwave peptide synthesizers.

Recently, CEM Corporation released its Liberty 2.0 instrumentation line, the next generation of automated microwave peptide synthesizers. The Liberty 2.0 series continues to advance CEM’s award-winning SPPS technology, with developments resulting in enhanced peptide purity, remarkable synthesis efficiency, and exceptional automation reliability. What’s new? All instrumentation in the Liberty 2.0 line features an innovative headspace […]

High-end Imaging Systems for Molecular Biology.

Uvitec’s gel doc and chemi-doc imagers, with a rugged steel housing, play a leading role in the field of molecular biology through innovative camera technologies, versatile software capabilities and flexibility in upgrade options. The imagers are available in stand-alone or computer-based configurations. Both offer a wide selection of transilluminators and custom filters; ideal for a […]