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Liberty Blue 2.0

Short product description
Synthesize peptides more efficiently than ever before.


The Liberty Blue™ 2.0 is the exciting next generation of the best-selling peptide synthesizer in the world. Compared to its predecessor, the Liberty Blue 2.0 features the ability to make cleaner and longer peptides with a new level of robustness. The system features a 4-minute cycle time along with a 90% solvent reduction based on High Efficiency Solid Phase Peptide synthesis (HE-SPPS). The Liberty Blue 2.0 features the latest in engineering for fluidic deliveries, true internal temperature feedback control, and software control with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.


Unique Chemistry
  • CarboMAX™ coupling chemistry
  • Microwave deprotection and coupling
  • Nitrogen Headspace Flushing
  • 4 min cycle time
  • 90% waste reduction
  • Flex-Add™ critical reagent delivery system (patented)
  • True Internal fiber-optic temperature control
  • 0.005 – 5 mmol scale range
  • 27 amino acid positions
  • Integrated RV Camera
  • High-throughput upgrade options (HT4, HT12)

A new level of peptide purity

The Liberty Blue 2.0 provides the ability to make even higher purity peptides than previously possible with the original Liberty Blue system. This is based on advances in the system fluidics, reaction vessel environment, and chemistry methodology.

  • Optimized microwave chemistry methodology with ProTide resins
  • Cleanest reaction environment with updated headspace flushing technology
  • More direct optimized flow paths
  • Digitally variable N2 control for optimized bubbling, purging, and draining


  • Synthesizer comparison

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    Liberty 2.0Liberty Blue 2.0Liberty PRIME 2.0
    Cycle Time (at 0.1mmol)12 minutes4 minutes2.5 minutes
    System Waste (at 0.1mmol)32 mL16 mL10 mL
    Scale Range0.005 – 5 mmol0.005 – 5 mmol0.005 – 5 mmol
    Headspace FlushingNoYesYes
    Amino Acid Positions272730
    External Reagent Positions445
    RV CameraNoYesYes
    LED Visual FeedbackNoYesYes
    High-Throughput OptionsHT4HT4, HT12HT4, HT12, HT24
    Optional AccessoriesN/AN/AFull cGMP Compliance Package
  • The Liberty 2.0 Series

    The Liberty 2.0 Series feature significant advancements in peptide quality, robustness, and overall flexibility compared to the previous generation.

    A major advancement featured on the Liberty Blue 2.0 and Liberty PRIME 2.0 systems is the use of a new Headspace Flushing technology allowing for the synthesis of longer peptides by ensuring cleaner reaction vessel surfaces. Additionally, engineering improvements to the overall system fluidics and software provide increased robustness and flexibility. Learn more about the exciting updates to the most advanced peptide synthesizer line available.


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Flexible, Powerful Software

The newly updated software is both flexible and easy to use, making sure nothing stands between you and your synthesis. Customize methods with unique monomers, orthogonal deprotection, branching, cyclizing, and more. Easily check on reactions on the run screen, where the run can be edited, paused, and resumed at any time.