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"Coming soon: NovoCyte Opteon Spectral Flow Cytometer Systems 3-5 Lasers"

Coming soon on May 1, 2024

Introducing the Agilent NovoCyte Opteon spectral flow cytometer, the cutting-edge spectral flow cytometry solution designed to revolutionize your research and cell analysis.

Featuring 3 to 5 lasers and up to seventy detectors the NovoCyte Opteon meets your increasingly sophisticated, large panel flow cytometry assay needs. With a proprietary optics design, and advanced electronics and data processing algorithms for optimized signal collection and analysis, the NovoCyte Opteon delivers data with high sensitivity and resolution.

The wide dynamic range in both fluorescence detection and particle size measurement streamlines experimental workflow. On-board temperature control, electronics, and fluidics sensor circuitry for real-time monitoring of instrument status ensure consistent and reliable data acquisitions under different ambient environment and varied high-and-low sampling rates. With flexible reference control setups and autofluorescence subtraction capability, the intuitive and industry leading NovoExpress software is setting a new standard for an exceptional user experience in flow data acquisition, analysis, and reporting. Get ready to elevate your research with the NovoCyte Opteon – high-throughput automation ready for seamless integration into your laboratory instrument ecosystem.