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NovoCyte Opteon Spectral Flow Cytometer

Short product description
New, cutting-edge spectral flow cytometry solution with 3-5 lasers.


The NovoCyte Opteon spectral flow cytometer is a new, cutting-edge spectral flow cytometry solution designed to revolutionize your cell analysis research.

The NovoCyte Opteon boasts up to 5 lasers and 73 detectors, a proprietary optics design, and advanced electronics, enabling it to deliver data with high resolution and sensitivity. The wide dynamic range for both fluorescence detection and particle size measurement helps streamline experimental workflows. On-board temperature control, electronics, and fluidics sensor circuitry provide real-time instrument status monitoring and ensure consistent, reliable data acquisition in different ambient environments.

Additionally, the intuitive and industry-leading NovoExpress software has been further advanced, providing an exceptional data acquisition, analysis, and reporting user experience.



  • Up to 5 lasers, 73 high-quality detectors
  • Demonstrated panel of 45 colors
  • Data with high sensitivity and high resolution due to an innovative optical design
  • Dual-laser small particle detection with wide dynamic range
  • High instrument reliability with on-board temperature control and fluidics circuitry
  • Powerful and intuitive NovoExpress software
  • Versatile autosampler compatible with 40-tube rack and 384/96/48/24 well plates
  • Robotic automation ready



Fluorescence Channels736253
Laser ConfigurationUV/Violet/Blue/Yellow/Red
Number of Lasers543
  • How it works

    Every Fluorochrome Tells a Story

    Armed with up to 5 lasers, 73 detectors, and a demonstrated 45-color panel, the NovoCyte Opteon is your gateway to multidimensional cell analysis. Expand beyond traditional flow cytometry panels to reveal more about your samples.

    Elevate Your Data

    Autofluorescence subtraction allows you to achieve improved resolution of specific cell populations of interest. Apply autofluorescence subtraction to individual cell populations in a mixed cell sample, allowing for customized resolution and improved sensitivity for your analysis.​

    Smart Technology, Simple Solutions

    The intuitive and industry-leading NovoExpress software sets a new standard for an exceptional user experience in flow data acquisition, analysis, and reporting. With the NovoSampler S, you’ll have true walk-away functionality that is ready for robotic automation that seamlessly integrates into your laboratory instrument ecosystem.

  • Applications


    There is a significant need for methodologies and instruments that provide high-throughput, in-depth analyses of the immune system at the single-cell level. Contrary to conventional cytometry, which is limited to as many fluorescence parameters as there are detectors, spectral cytometry is able to capture the full fluorescence spectrum for every marker across all laser lines, allowing for more parameters in a single experiment.

    Small Particle Detection

    The NovoCyte Opteon FSC/SSC detection optics and signal processing electronics have been optimized with dual 488 nm-SSC and 405 nm-SSC to resolve particles as small as 80 nm without adjusting settings to view larger cells in the same sample. With this, high-resolution platelets, bacteria, and various sub-micron particles can be readily identified and analyzed alongside your cell subsets.

    Dual SSC to Separate RBCs from WBCs

    The optimized dual 488 nm-SSC and 405 nm-SSC on the NovoCyte Opteon can be used to separate red blood cells (RBCs) from white blood cells (WBCs) and platelets without the need for any RBC lysis treatment.


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