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Coming soon: NovoCyte Opteon Spectral Flow Cytometer Systems 3-5 Lasers

Coming soon on May 1, 2024 Introducing the Agilent NovoCyte Opteon spectral flow cytometer, the cutting-edge spectral flow cytometry solution designed to revolutionize your research and cell analysis. Featuring 3 to 5 lasers and up to seventy detectors the NovoCyte Opteon meets your increasingly sophisticated, large panel flow cytometry assay needs. With a proprietary optics […]

Save your valuable time with a single-use bioreactor!

Are you done wasting precious time? Switch to a single-use bioreactor! Cellexus’ bioreactor systems offer a unique way to aerate and mix your bioprocess. Using the uniquely developed Airlift Technology, your cell culture and fermentation processes are improved and simplified.   Advantages of Single-Use Compared to reusable solutions, the main advantage of the single-use (SU) […]

CEM Corporation launches the Liberty 2.0 line of microwave peptide synthesizers.

Recently, CEM Corporation released its Liberty 2.0 instrumentation line, the next generation of automated microwave peptide synthesizers. The Liberty 2.0 series continues to advance CEM’s award-winning SPPS technology, with developments resulting in enhanced peptide purity, remarkable synthesis efficiency, and exceptional automation reliability. What’s new? All instrumentation in the Liberty 2.0 line features an innovative headspace […]