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Peptide Synthesis Request Form

Fill in the form and win your personalized peptide + preweighted amino acids kit (20 pieces).

Thank you for your interest in the Liberty Blue 2.0/PRIME 2.0, the second-generation automated microwave peptide synthesizers based on our in-house development of High Efficiency Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (HE-SPPS) methodology.

Liberty Blue 2.0
Liberty PRIME 2_withHT24_Web
Liberty Prime 2.0

Our peptide service likes a challenge:

  • Do you have a peptide sequence that remain difficult to synthesize?
  • A sequence that failures over again?
  • Are you interested to achieve a higher purity?
  • Or does the peptide synthesis take a lot of time?

Send us the requested information and you might win a personalized peptide on the resin, synthesis report and pre-weighted amino acids.

Liberty Fmoc Amino Acid Kit

Save time with preweighed amino acids.

Get a complete set of all 20 proteinogenic amino acids conveniently preweighed for a Liberty system. Simply dilute to the appropriate concentration for each tube and easily install them on the instrument.