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CellMaker Regular Controller

Short product description
Single-use bioreactor to speed up and simplify cell culture and fermentation processes


The most innovative technology on the market The CellMaker range of single-use bioreactors are designed to speed up and simplify cell culture and fermentation processes. The patented airlift technology delivers a unique way of aerating and mixing your cell culture and fermentation processes, offering a more efficient and faster route to market. The systems are complete with 21 CFR PART 11 compliant software, accessible through a touchscreen monitor.

The CellMaker Regular Controller allows for manual and automatic control of microbial bioprocesses. Complete your bioreactor with an 8L or 50L Enclosure and our CellMaker Bioreactor Bags.

For control over pH and DO levels, see the CellMaker Plus Controller, or double up with Dual Regular Controller.

  • Bacteria


    The CellMaker airlift single use bioreactor system provides a fast solution for microbial fermentation. With a compact size, our self-contained bioreactor has a smaller footprint than other bioreactors on the market. Our system has been proven successful with multiple organisms, including bacteria, yeast and microalgae.

    Growing bacteria

    Our CellMaker Plus system has been successfully proven with several bacteria. The airlift system enables excellent mixing and aeration suitable for both oxygen hungry and anaerobic bacterial processes. Not only is the CellMaker very effective in growing bacteria, it also reduces downtime and cleaning required.

    Growing yeast

    The CellMaker Plus is also efficient at growing yeast and proven on strains such as P. pastoris. As an interesting example, we have also proven that brewer’s yeast can be cultivated in our bioreactors!

    Growing microalgae
    Our expert engineers were able Growing microalgae to customize the CellMaker Plus system to run a photo dependent fermentation allowing for successful growth of microalgae cells.

  • Bacteriophage Amplification

    The organism

    Bacteriophages can be used to treat bacterial infections and are useful in fields such as medicine, veterinary science and agriculture. They are the most abundant entity on the planet. Directly translated to “bacteria eater,” they are selective viruses that identify and infect specific bacteria.

    Bacteriophages for multiple applications

    Targeting and destroying harmful microbes can be a useful tool in a variety of different fields, creating a diverse range of applications for bacteriophages, including:

    • Medicine
    • Veterinary science
    • Dentistry
    • Agriculture
    • Food industry

    Phage therapy to research antimicrobial resistance

    Fighting and destroying bacterial infections in humans and animals are the primary applications of phage therapy. After antibiotics were discovered, phage therapy research declined in the western world. However, with the current rise in threat of antimicrobial resistance, phages provide a promising solution.

    Improved levels of bacteriophage amplification

    Clients using the CellMaker in their own laboratory have already seen bacteriophage amplified to unprecedented levels in comparison to traditional methods.

  • Card Image Mammalian Cell Culture

    Mammalian cell culture requires controlled levels of various gasses coupled with continuous gentle movement. We believe the CellMaker Plus is perfectly suited for this application, and we are currently testing numerous mammalian processes using our system.


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