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Bioreactor bags

Short product description
Our bioreactor bags are specially designed for your application to ensure you get the best results every time.


Say goodbye to lengthy downtime with super-fast turnarounds

The specially designed CellMaker Bioreactor Bags have been created to perfectly suit our system and your application. These single-use bags are easily replaced within minutes for a fast turnaround so you can start on your next process.

These sterile bags are fitted into the enclosure and the contents are agitated by bubbles created by a customisable influx of gasses.

  • Designed without any moving parts, eliminating the chance of mechanical failure.
  • Gentle agitation from the bubbles reduces the risk of cell shearing usually associated with impellers.
  • Regular and Plus bags are available in sizes 4L, 8L and 50L to suit your enclosure and cell culture requirements, and provide working volumes of 1.5L to 4L, 3L to 8L, and 10L to 50L.
  • The CellMaker Plus Bioreactor Bags are designed for use with our Plus and Low Flow Controllers only. These bags contain a sensor for measuring dissolved oxygen and a pH port making these bags ideal for providing precise control over more challenging processes.
  • The CellMaker Regular Bioreactor Bags are compatible for use with our Regular, Plus and Low Flow Controllers.


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