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Cellmaker Enclosure

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An ergonomic way to thermoregulate your bioreactor


The CellMaker bioreactor system is complete with a patented Enclosure which uses unique airlift technology to move cells and nutrients which eliminates the need for mechanical stirring.

For complete control, our self-contained system offers:

  • Oxygen, pH and temperature regulation,
  • An integrated Peltier heater cooler enabling accurate temperature control from 16°C to 40°C without the need for external equipment.

Our system is single-use, using disposable CellMaker Bioreactor Bags to culture cells in working volumes from 1.5L to 50L. Our technology eliminates reactor cleaning and contamination: once your run is complete, simply harvest, remove the bioreactor bag and set up the next process.

  • Temperature Control

    An integrated Peltier heater cooler enables accurate temperature control from 16°C to 40°C

  • Flexible

    • Work in volumes from 1,5L to 50L
    • Buy a complete 8L system today, and scale up tomorrow by simply adding a 50L enclosure


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