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BioTek BioSpa 8

Short product description
Automated Incubator


BioSpa 8 can automate your workflows, from ELISA to long term live cell assays. Temperature and CO2/O2 control, plus humidity monitoring and lid handling ensure an ideal environment for cell cultures during all experiment stages, with minimal manual intervention. BioSpa’s software records and reports session timelines and environmental conditions, while customizable text and email alerts assure confidence during long and short term runs. Link a washer or dispenser and a plate reader or imager for start-to-finish workflow automation.

The BioSpa Live Cell Imaging System integrates BioSpa Automated Incubator and Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader to fully automate kinetic live cell imaging and analysis. Plate washing and reagent dispensing can be added to the system for complete walk-away automation, from sample prep through image analysis.

BioSpa™ 8 Automated Incubator also links Agilent readers and imagers together with washers and dispensers for full workflow automation of up to 8 microplates or other labware.

Live Cell Imaging:

  • Full unattended workflow automation for up to 8 microplates and other labware
  • Integrated temperature and CO2/O2 control, plus humidity monitoring
  • Fluorescence, high contrast brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast imaging
  • OnDemand mode: Remove/replace labware, independent scheduling and multi-user profiles
  • Advanced cell-level analysis including nuclear and cytoplasmic masks
  • Washing, media replacement and reagent injection Automated Incubator
  • Complete workflow automation, sample prep to detection
  • Temperature, CO2/O2 control; humidity monitoring
  • Records environment conditions; automated alerts
  • OnDemand mode: Remove/replace labware, independent scheduling and multi-user profiles
  • Compact for biosafety cabinet use
  • Uncomplicated software and simple integration


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