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NovoSampler Pro

Short product description
Flow Cytometry Automation. Compatible with 24-, 48-, and 96-well plate configurations. Load your plate and let the system record the data for you.


Walk away convenience delivers on time savings and cost savings in the laboratory. Flexible sampling of microplates allows for small projects or high-throughput, 24/7 workflows. Low carryover, and orbital shaking allow you to maximize your efficiency and make the instrument work for you.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


  • Trusted results with low carryover – <0.1% (volume)
  • Convenient automated sample mixing – Orbital shaking up to 3000 rpm
  • Versatile workflows are compatible with 24-, 48-, 96-well plate, and 24 tube racks
  • Walk away sample acquistion
  • Save time by making the instrument work for you

How it works

Ensure homogeneity of mixed samples
NovoSampler Pro ensures homogeneity of mixed sample and maintains integrity of biological samples. Cell viability of Jurkat cells stained with Propidium Iodide (PI) are maintained across the entire plate (96-well) during mixing and sampling (Figure). Jurkat cells were suspended with PBS containing 0.2% BSA, stained with PI (2 μg/mL), and loaded onto a 96-well plate at 100uL per well. Sample loading settings: default settings, stop condition of 30μL, sample flow rate 66μL/min.


Delivers consistent data across different loading templates
NovoSampler Pro delivers consistent data across different loading templates between the autosampler and individual tubes. Normal human peripheral blood stained with CD45 / CD3 / CD4 / CD8 cocktail was loaded into FACS tubes (Single Tube, 24 Tube Rack) or a 96-well flat-bottom plate (96x Flat). Lymphocyte subpopulations were counted and analyzed after acquisition using the NovoSampler Pro autosampler or single tube. Statistics for each are shown below the plots. Consistent results were obtained among the three methods of sample loading.


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