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MultiPep 1

Short product description
Flexible parallel peptide synthesis.


The MultiPep 1TM is a highly flexible and economical automated parallel peptide synthesizer. It features unmatched flexibility for screening hundreds of peptides in parallel using plates, columns, or cellulose membranes formats.

Flexible Formats

  • Plate = up to 96 peptides at 1-10 μmol
  • Columns = up to 48 peptides at 1-10 μmol or 8 peptides at 10-300 μmol
  • SPOT Synthesis = up to 1200 peptides on two cellulose membranes
  • CelluSpotsTM = up to 768 peptides on a dissolvable cellulose support
  • Features

    • Heating option for elevated temperature synthesis in plates and columns
    • Fast synthesis with 8 position parallel washing arm
    • Vortex mixing
    • Pre-activation or in-situ activation


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