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BioTek Gen5

Short product description


Gen5™ version 3 offers new functionality for imaging and microplate reading, including spot counting for powerful cellular image analysis and a fluorophore spectra utility for convenience during fluorescence detection protocol definition, and many others.
From high magnification, intracellular image analysis to basic ELISA, Gen5 software helps transform raw data and images into meaningful results. Gen5 Software offers a unique combination of power and ease ­of ­use that drives productivity and saves time across all imaging and detection workflows.

  • Integrates with all Agilent imaging and detection systems
  • Gen5 Image Prime: Advanced image analysis tools
  • Gen5 Secure: Features for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Powerful data analysis and flexible output options
  • QC and Validation Tools
  • Imaging: Methods and Processes
  • Explore, image and analyze intra-and inter-cellular activity


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