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Firereader V10

Short product description
Scientific High End Gel Doc Camera



FireReader V10’s high resolution specifications boast the highest performance camera available for gel documentation. Based on a 16-bit pixel depth, the camera’s superb quality offers pictures with up to 65,535 grey levels that enrich your research level data.
The dynamic range of up to 4.8 orders of magnitude gives users greater confidence when imaging even the most difficult fluorescent samples.

FireReader V10 is ideal for both documentation and quantification. Thanks to our proprietary technology, its superb 6-megapixel native resolution can be extended to 10 megapixels for the most resolution-demanding applications.
FireReader V10 is a new concept of Gel imaging acquisition: fully automatic (light, lens, focus, zoom), you just need 1 click to take the best picture.

Uvitec-1D software is easy to use and sophisticated enough to allow ultra-precise optimisation when capturing the image. With, for instance, a live-3D view to set up the exposure time and control the saturation and ensure that all bands are quantifiable. You can also decide to select the efficient “auto-exposure“ mode for a safe and rapid image acquisition and use the editing options of the software to enhance the image, annotate, archive and analyse.

Images may be enhanced in a great number of ways including contrast and brightness adjustment, mirror imaging, image inversion and annotation (text and symbols). Displayed images can be converted into several colour scales (red, blue, green and multi-coloured palette) without affecting the data before being analysed to determine molecular weight and optical density.

  • Applications

    • Fluorescence & visible
    • Epi-blue LED fluorescence for safe dyes applications and epiblue fluorescence on blots
    • Quantification & documentation
    • Gene expression, protein expression. RNA/DNA assay, colonies, safe gels, GFP, FITC, CY2…
    • Open to most dyes available on the market from Invitrogen, GE Life Science, Themor Pierce, Sigma, Millipore, Promega

  • Specifications

    • 16-bit camera
    • 65,536 shades of grey
    • 4 Dynamic range (OD)
    • F/1.2 scientific zoom lens
    • 6 megapixels (native)
    • 10 megapixels (extended)
    • High-speed USB technology
    • Passive cooling system for significant noise reduction

    Lighting & illuminations
    • UV-transilluminator: 26M, 26MX (Uvipure), 26LMX (dual Uvip.), 20Blue
    • Epi-blue net-LED panels, Epi-UV 254/365 (optional)
    • Epi-white LED panels
    • Trans-white light (optional)
    • Trans-blue light (optional)

    • Stainless-steel made
    • Chemical-resistant paint
    • Full door aperture and slide- out transilluminators
    • Fully automated system (lighting, focus, exposure) 100% Software-controlled
    • F-590 filter included
    • Fixed transilluminator

    • Uvitec-1D included License-free software for unlimited users
    • Image acquisition, editing and analysis features

  • Features

    • Extreme sensitivity for the faintest fluorescence sample
    • Scientific camera with massive 16-bit pixel depth (65 535 grey levels)
    • Suitable for both routine documentation & critical quantitative applications
    • 6-megapixel native camera resolution and up to 10-megapixel image resolution.
    • Auto-exposure
    • Autofocus with automatic zoom and light system
    • Optional epi-UV 365nm for TLC applications, Qdots…
    • Ideal for DNA, RNA and protein gels and safe gels
    • Patented Uvipure technology available
    • Dynamic range up to 4.8 orders of magnitude
    • Suitable for both routine documentation and critical quantitative applications
    • 6-position filter wheel. Up to 12 custom filters available.
    • USB 3.0 ports available for fastest connection/transfer
    • “One-touch” fully automated image acquisition programme
    • Inclusive of free Uvitec-1D software for both image acquisition and analysis
    • Several choices of transilluminator (single, dual wavelength, special Uvipure technology …)
    • UV safety switch and override button
    • Advanced UVIband software available


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