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Essential V6

Short product description
Simple and fast image acquisition



Essential V6 is as superbly suited to simple, rapid capture and print applications as it is to high precision image optimisation and capture. It is therefore ideal for research environments with a high number of occasional or frequent users, or for the dedicated single user who needs complete control over image capture and analysis. The Essential V6 specifications are ideal for routine documentation.

The cutting edge Essential V6 camera and optics deliver the highest scientific imaging grade possible for the most demanding applications. The system is ideal for a multi-User environment with limited set-up functions but covering a maximum of applications

In research laboratories where premium quality and precision are required Essential V6 comes into its own. Essential V6 is ideal for routine documentation. European manufactured, the superb quality of the scientific camera enables long lasting high performance imaging. With no learning curve and only one button to click, a high quality print or image file can be produced in seconds. Automatic features such as autofocus, automatic light system, automatic zoom and autoexposure enable the highest precision image optimisation and the saturation easy monitoring

Essential V6 features the most robust darkroom cabinet available. Transilluminator can easily and fully be slided out. The darkroom can accommodate either a standard transilluminator or our highly demanded UVIpure transilluminator.

Uvitec-1D software is designed for simplest and fastest image acquisition while still allowing users to improve tiff-saved images whenever necessary in a number of ways including contrast and brightness adjustment, mirror imaging, image inversion and annotation (text and symbols)… Displayed images can be converted into several colour scales (red, blue, green and multicoloured palette) without affecting data before analysis and thus in order to determine molecular weight and band quantities (optical density).

  • Applications

    • Fluorescence & visible
    • Epi-blue LED fluorescence for safe dyes applications and epiblue fluorescence on blots
    • Quantification & documentation
    • Gene expression, protein expression. RNA/DNA assay, colonies, safe gels, GFP, FITC, CY2…
    • Open to most dyes available on the market from Invitrogen, GE Life Science, Themor Pierce, Sigma, Millipore, Promega

  • Specifications

    • 16-bit camera
    • 65,536 shades of grey
    • 4 Dynamic range (OD)
    • F/1.2 scientific zoom lens
    • 3 megapixels (native)
    • 6 megapixels (extended)
    • High-speed USB technology
    • Passive cooling system for significant noise reduction

    Lighting & illuminations
    • UV-transilluminator: 26M, 26MX (Uvipure), 26LMX (dual Uvip.), 20Blue
    • Epi-white LED panels
    • Trans-white light (optional)
    • Trans-blue light (optional)

    • Stainless-steel made
    • Chemical-resistant paint
    • Full door aperture and slide- out transilluminators
    • Fully automated system (lighting, focus, exposure) 100% Software-controlled
    • F-590 filter included
    • Fixed transilluminator

    • Uvitec-1D included License-free software for unlimited users
    • Image acquisition, editing and analysis features

  • Features

    • Ideal for quantification and routine documentation
    • Scientific camera of 3-megapixel native resolution
    • True 16-bit depth camera with up to 65,535 shades of gray
    • Patented Uvipure technology available
    • UV safety switch and override button
    • Extreme ease of use
    • Auto-exposure
    • Autofocus with automatic zoom and light
    • USB connection
    • Ideal for multi-user environments
    • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) file available at all times
    • Inclusive of free Uvitec-1D software for both image acquisition and analysis
    • Robust steel and stainless steel manufacturing
    • Compact design
    • Protocol-driven image acquisition
    • Direct access to key functions
    • Publishing & image enhancement features
    • Superb quality camera filter optimised for Ethidium Bromide
    • Copy the image to clipboard and paste either in Microsoft Word® or Excel®


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