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Celloger Nano

Short product description
Compact digital microscope for bench and incubator


Celloger® Nano is a benchtop digital microscope equipped with a wireless connection, enabling you to check the state of your cells in real-time from any location within your laboratory. With all the necessary functions to check the cells, you can quickly assess the condition of your cells. Celloger Nano is equipped with brightfield and red or green fluorescence microscope.

Key features:

  • Quick cell check
  • Suitable for tablet
  • Multiple vessel holders
  • User-friendly function
  • Real-time monitoring inside an incubator
  • Time-lapse video


  • Applications

    • Apoptosis: Using fluorescence detection of activated caspase to examine the apoptosis of Hela cells caused by staurosporine.
    • Cell morphology: Observe HeLa cells morphology in real-time every 5 minutes for 66 hours.
    • Cell proliferation: Monitor cell proliferation of NIH 3T3 cells for 56 hours inside an incubator.
    • Cytotoxicity: Dead cells were stained with green/red fluorescent dye to measure the cytotoxicity.
    • Transfection: Expression of EGFP transfected with pCMV GFP plasmid.
    • Wound healing assay: HeLa cells were incubated for 60 hours after the scratch and monitored every 1 hour.


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