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A cell is the smallest component of life. It’s the basic structural, functional and biological building block of all known organisms.
For your cellular research, BioSPX offers a range of equipment that will bring your science to life.

Our automated imagers from Agilent-BioTek integrate and automate all typical microscopy steps, from image capture to publication-ready data. From fast kinetic assays to live cell imaging that takes weeks.

For live cell experiments, we also offer the real time cell analyzers of Agilent, the XCELLigence RTCA equipment uses impedance technique for continuously monitoring the cell adhesion, spreading, proliferation, cell viability and much more.

Complementary to our imaging and XCELLigence systems BioSPX offers the Novocyte flow cytometer series. These are high performance benchtop flow cytometers with enhanced sensitivity and resolution to guarantee the most accurate cell counting and analysis. The automated start-up and shut-down makes these flow cytometers accessible for all level users on all types of laboratories.