Uvitec UviDoc HD6 Touch

The stand-alone system with computer performance


Many laboratories have already discovered the benefits of Uvidoc’s speed and simplicity. With no learning curve and only a few buttons to press a high quality printout or a saved image can be produced in seconds, making darkroom queuing a thing of the past. The safety speed and robustness of Uvidoc HD6 have even made it an essential tool in many teaching laboratories, the ultimate multi-user environment! Uvidoc HD6 Touch is a superbly designed documentation system featuring a unique combination of simplicity and versatility. Made of a true internal SSD drive, the Uvidoc HD6 cannot be compare with fragile tablet gel doc system! It operates as a stand-alone unit for producing high quality megapixel images. These can be easily saved on a USB drive or transferred to a computer via the network LAN.

Uvitec UviDoc HD6 Touch Details

• Simplicity and versatility
• 3 megapixels (native) 16 bit Camera
• UV-transilluminator
• Stainless-steel made, Chemical-resistant paint
• Stand-alone: no additional computer required
• Ideal for multi-user environments
• All the flexibility of an instant imaging system
• 3-megapixel native camera resolution
• 16-bit pixel depth delivering up to 65,535 shades of gray
• Suitable for both routine documentation & critical quantitative applications
• Saturation monitoring of live images to ensure they are fully quantifiable
• Luxury roll-out transilluminator with protection cover
• UV safety switch and override button
• Patented Uvipure technology available
• Robust steel and stainless steel construction
• Up to 8 USB ports (flash drives, thermal printers, mouse and keyboard.)
• Auto-exposure
• Fully networkable allowing easy image transfer to a PC
• On-board computer
• 12.2” high-end HD touch screen with top-quality 16/9 LCD panel
• 3-position filter wheel
• Optimised, propietary F-590 EtBr emission filter included
• White light epi-illumination LED pannels
• License-free Uvitec-1D software included.

• Gel & blot markers, Petri Dish, colonies, stains…
• DNA/RNA stained gels such as Ethidium Bromide, DNA/RNA assay, colonies…
• Safe stains like SYBR Green®-Safe®-Gold®, GelGreen®, GelRed®, SYPRO Ruby®…
• Stain-free® capability and other precast gels (with UV transilluminator)
• Stained protein gels such as Coomassie® blue, safe dyes, silver-stain® gels…

Uvitec-1D Image acquisition, editing and analysis features included License-free software for unlimited users