BioTek Take3

Micro-volume Plates


Micro-volume quantification is fast and easy with the Take3™ and Take3 Trio Micro-Volume plates, used in your BioTek microplate reader. Measure multiple 2 µL samples at a time, without diluting and without needing specialized equipment. Pre-programmed nucleic acid and protein protocols in Gen5 make quantification fast and easy.

• Low volume 2 µL nucleic acid and protein quantification
• Pre-programmed protocols in Gen5 Software
• Absorbance and fluorescence detection
• Easy, wipe-off maintenance
• Read 2 µL microspots, BioCells or standard cuvettes


BioTek Take 3 Micro-volume Plates Details

Low volume 2 µL nucleic acid and protein quantification
It takes only 2 µL of undiluted sample to get rapid results on multiple with the Take3 plate. Choose from the 16-sample Take3 or the 48-sample Take3 for higher throughput. Take3 plates are compatible with most of BioTek’s multi-mode readers, imaging multi-mode readers and microplate spectrophotometers.

Pre-programmed protocols in Gen5 Software
Gen5’s pre-programmed dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA and protein (BSA, IgG, lysozyme) measurement protocols make getting direct quantitative results quick and easy. Add sample IDs and define blanks if desired. Endpoint results and selectable spectral scans provide quick visual results and are output in convenient .xls, or .xml formats.

Absorbance and fluorescence detection
The Take3 plates aren’t limited to absorbance detection – they are useful for micro-volume fluorescence quantitation as well – with only 2 µL sample volumes. Compatible with many of BioTek’s multi-mode readers and imaging multi-mode readers.

Easy, wipe-off maintenance
Residue and dust can wreak havoc on micro-volume measurements, so it’s important to keep the sample surfaces super clean. Take3 plates are so easy to clean – simply wipe samples off after measurement with a laboratory wipe.

Read 2 µL microspots, BioCells or standard cuvettes
Along with 16 microspots, the Take3 plate can accept a standard 1 cm cuvette or 2 patented BioCells for rapid 1 cm measurements in a BioTek microplate spectrophotometer. The Take3 Trio offers 48 microspots and 2 BioCell positions.

BioCell™ capacity 2
2 µL sample capacity Take3: 16
Take3 Trio: 48
Cuvette capacity Take3: 1
Take3 Trio: n/a
Compatible readers Take3: Epoch, Epoch 2, Synergy 2, Synergy H1, Synergy Neo 2, Synergy HTX, Cytation 5 and Cytation 3
Take3 Trio: Epoch, Epoch 2, Synergy H1, Synergy HTX, Synergy Neo 2, Cytation 5 and Cytation 3
Optical pathlength 0.5 mm (nominal)
Detection limit 2 ng/µL dsDNA
Gen5 software interface Take3 and Take3 Trio are available in Gen5™ Data Analysis Software with preprogrammed protocols for nucleic acid and protein quantification.
Predefined applications Nucleic acid and protein quantification
In-situ fluorometric protein quantification
260/280 and 260/230 protein purity measurements
Very low volume in-situ BCA assay
Spectral scan of single or multiple low volume samples
16 microspots for 2 µL samples. 2 locations for patented BioCell™ measurements (BioCell optional) and 1 location for standard cuvette measurements.

Take3 Trio
48 microspots for 2 µL samples. 2 locations for patented BioCell measurements. (BioCell optional)

Gen5 software controls all BioTek automated microplate readers, configuring system and data collection parameters, analysis and a variety of reporting and exporting features. One-click export to Excel® makes it fast and easy to export displayed data.
Gen5 Secure software is available for GxP compliant laboratories with features that support 21 CFR Part 11 rules. All editions of Gen5 Software include pre-defined nucleic acid and protein quantification protocols for Take 3 use.
One or more Take3 plates can be defined in the software for convenient, efficient micro-volume analysis.