Scinomix Sci-Print MP2

semi automated barcode label printer


The Scinomix Sci-Print MP2: Microplate Labeler is a benchtop semi automated barcode label printer that prints and applies labels onto a variety of microtiter plates for sample tracking. It can be used in a manual stand-alone environment or integrated into a fully automated system. Its rotating, height-adjusting platform provides the flexibility to print on all sides and two vertical levels of the plate and deep well blocks. Versatile software allows the system to be used as a stand-alone device, or integrated into automated plate handling systems.


Scinomix Sci-Print MP2 Details

• 600 dpi thermal transfer printer
• Labels up to four sides of a plate
• Easily integrated into third-party systems
• Standard label size: 0.25″ (h), 2.0″ (w)
• Windows based software driver

• Increases efficiency and productivity in the lab
• Diagnostics for testing and setting up
• Labeling consistency
• Small footprint saves valuable space in the lab
• Can print range of standard barcodes including 1D and 2D

Enabled Symbologies
These are the current symbologies that we implement. If you have a need outside of this list, please contact us.
• Code 128
• Code 39 (full ASCII)
• Interleaved 2 of 5
• Data Matrix (2D)
The Sci-Print MP2 comes with standard labels to best optimize your labeling instrument.