Scinomix VXi

Short product description
Bulk Vial Handler


The Scinomix VXi eliminates hand loading of tubes into racks to provide even more time savings. The VXi can process a wide variety of tubes (8mm – 28mm), orienting them using optical technology. It pairs with the VX Series tube handling systems, the Sci-Print VX2 and the Sci-Print VXL, for a variety of functions including printing and labeling, filling, uncapping/recapping of screw top lids, and barcode scanning.


  • Pairs with a Scinomix VX labeler to receive and process bulk tubes
  • Adapts to a wide range of tube types and sizes
  • Handles tube diameters from 8mm to 28mm (contact Scinomix for sample verification)
  • Throughput up to 400 tubes per hour
  • Handles internally and externally threaded tubes as well as capped and uncapped tubes
  • Optional hopper extension to increase tube capacity
  • With a camera, optical technology is used to detect tube orientation to aid in the delivery for labeling and racking
  • User-friendly software accessibility via an LCD screen which offers quick and easy access to settings


  • Increased ROI for labs/ opportunity cost
  • Purchase tubes in bulk for cost-savings
  • Racking and reusability for time-savings
  • Small, benchtop equipment saves valuable space in lab
  • Eliminates tedious & time-consuming tasks