CEM Liberty Lite

Peptide Synthesis Made Fast & Efficient


The Liberty Lite™ Microwave Peptide Synthesizer is an entry level option for the globally recognized Liberty Blue™ technology. The Liberty Lite provides advantages over existing peptide synthesizers with it’s patented use of microwave irradiation during both the deprotection and coupling steps (15 minute cycle times), in situ temperature control, Flex-Add™ delivery system, and efficient solvent usage. Additionally, the system can be upgraded at any time to a complete Liberty Blue system.

Flex-Add Technology

Don’t be limited by fixed sample loops for reagent addition! CEM’s patented Flex-Add™ technology enables a wider range of addition volumes than any other synthesizer. This factory calibrated feature allows infinitely variable volume additions for all amino acid and activator deliveries, and requires no customer calibration after system installation.

In-Situ Fiber Optic Temperature Control

Fast heating requires fast and accurate temperature measurement to prevent thermal overshoot; in-situ temperature measurement provides the most responsive, reliable, and accurate feedback on reaction conditions. The fiber optic probe on the Liberty Lite provides this type of measurement capability and avoids the lag time associated with external IR or thermocouple controls and eliminates the need for routine calibration.

The Microwave Advantage

Microwave energy brings more to peptide synthesis than a rapid change in temperature. Combined with microwave transparent reaction vessels, your reaction, not the vessel, is heated with a uniform, single mode energy distribution. Rapid kinetic movement caused by microwave energy accelerates the reaction and reduces aggregation. The Discover® is the only microwave capable of applying microwave energy to both the deprotection and coupling steps of solid phase peptide synthesis.


CEM Liberty Lite Details

CEM is transforming the way chemists perform peptide synthesis once again with the introduction of the Liberty Blue™ Microwave Peptide Synthesizer. More than just a face-lift, the Liberty Blue System has been designed for maximized speed and efficiency. With a 4-minute cycle time and a 90% reduction in solvent consumption, no other peptide synthesizer on the market can even come close to the performance of the Liberty Blue. Unparalleled peptide quality, greater flexibility and improved reliability make Liberty Blue the system of choice for all your peptide synthesis needs.

Remarkably fast:
• Rapid reagent addition
• Optimized synthesis methods
• More than 80% time reduction compared to 1st generation microwave synthesizers
• Difficult peptides such as A-beta in hours rather than days
The 4-minute cycle time of the Liberty Blue System is not limited to easily synthesized peptides. These methods can be used to routinely synthesize a wide range of peptides. Using the standard Liberty Blue methods, A-beta 1-42 was prepared in less than 4 hours in 68% crude purity.

Maximum efficiency:
• Up to 90% solvent reduction
• Less reagent usage
• No priming required
• Judicious use of solvent for washing
• Accurate and precise reagent addition
Liberty Blue offers several advantages over alternative heating methods. The microwave energy can be controlled for each step, and the reaction temperature can be carefully selected depending on the specific peptide and/or reagents used.
CEM is the only microwave provider than can apply the microwave energy to the entire process. Microwave irradiation heats the reaction from the inside rather than the outside making it possible to rapidly change the temperature from one stage to the next. This can be especially important when synthesizing peptides containing temperature-sensitive amino acids, such as phosphopeptides, or peptides containing difficult to couple residues such as Aib.
The synthesis of the double Aib containing peptide below was performed with the coupling of the second Aib residue at both 75 °C and at 95 °C with all of the rest of the conditions the same. The coupling at 75 °C resulted in only 44% crude purity with a significant Aib deletion while the 95 °C gave 90% crude purity.

Peptide Sequence: GEQKLGAib*AibASEEDLG-NH2
peptide sequence

• Flex-Add™ technology eliminates need for sample loops and allows infinite volume delivery options
• Synthesis conditions (temperature, power, and time) can be controlled for each step of every amino acid cycle
• 27 AA positions provide ample capacity for unusual amino acids or reagents
• Unlimited number of couplings with amino acid stock solutions
• 2 reaction vessel sizes (30-, and 125-mL) to cover the full synthesis scale range
• Scale range from 0.005 to 5 mmollResin loading option allows high-throughput peptide synthesis
• Optional cleavage accessory for rapid peptide cleavage and deprotection
Synthesis Scale 0.005-5 mmol
Reaction Vessel Sizes 30- and 125-mL
Chemistry Fmoc only
Activation Method in situ standard activators
Amino Acid Reagents 20
External Bottle Positions 2
Temperature Measurement in situ fiber optic
Fluid Measurement Flex-Add - amino acids, activator, activator base, Timed delivery - main wash, deprotection
Agitation Programmable inert gas bubbling
Waste Container 1 L reservoir with overflow detection Larger sizes available
Controller Laptop with wireless option standard
Optional Features Cleavage module
Reports Printable .pdf file for each method created Log created during each run of every step performed
Power 120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz
Dimensions 20”W x 18”D x 30”H (51cm x 46 cm x 76 cm)
License The purchase of this instrument includes a grant of limited, non-transferrable, license to utilize this instrument for microwave peptide synthesis using microwave energy for both the coupling and deprotection steps
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Liberty Lite
Liberty Blue
Liberty Blue H12
Liberty Prime
Cycle Time 15 minutes 4 minutes 2 minutes
Waste/Cycle 40 mL (0.1 mmol) 16 mL (0.1 mmol) 8.5 mL (0.1 mmol)
Scale Range 0.005 - 5 mmol 0.005 - 5 mmol 0.005 - 5 mmol
Peptide Positions 1 12 24
Amino Acid Positions 20 27 27
Other Positions 4 4 4
Fluid Delivery Flex-Add:
Amino Acids & Activators
Timed Delivery:
Wash & Deprotection
Amino Acids & Activators
Timed Delivery:
Wash & Deprotection
Amino Acids
Pre-Calibrated Pumps: Wash, Deprotection, & Oxyma Pure
Dimensions • 20" W x 18" D x 30" H
• 51 cm x 46 cm x 76 cm
• 27" W x 18" D x 30" H
• 69 cm x 46 cm x 76 cm
• 42" W x 18" D x 30" H
• 107 cm x 46 cm x 76 cm
Upgrades Upgrade to the Liberty Blue • HT24 N/A
Accessories Razor Cleavage System • Integrated Camera
• Razor Cleavage System
• Flex-Add Large Scale
• Integrated Camera
• Razor Cleavage System