Cellexus’ CellMaker

Single-use Bioreactors


Improve and accelerate your cell culture and fermentation processes

Fermentation is used in many laboratories to grow strains of prokaryotes (e.g. bacteria, yeast, algea) or eukaryotic cell lines (plant and animal cells) in a controlled biologically active environment for scientific applications.
Different methods are available on the market to perform fermentation. The process is often performed through bioreactors. Although traditional bioreactors are frequently used, they can come with drawbacks, i.e. they are labour intensive, come with a high contamination risk and result in an extensive downtime. This delays research and production.
Therefore, Cellexus introduces a unique type of single-use bioreactors: CellMaker systems. This type of bioreactors eliminates problems often found with conventional bioreactors. This results in a faster route to the market and to the publishing of high quality articles.

Cell Culture & Fermentation applications
The CellMaker bioreactor is designed for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.
It can be used in two ways:
• Production of biomass, e.g. E.Coli and Bacteriophage lysates
• Production of components/metabolites, e.g. enzymes

The CellMaker has been proven successful in multiple applications.

CellMaker Comparison and Specification Table


Regular Controller

Plus Controller



Bioreactor Bags

Regular Bioreactor Bag 8L
Regular Bioreactor Bag 50L
Plus Bioreactor Bag 8L
not true
Plus Bioreactor Bag 50L
not true

Functional Parameters

Temperature monitoring and control
Air flow control (built-in air pump; 1 to 20LPM)
O2 flow control
Pressure monitoring
pH monitoring and control
not true
Dissolved oxygen monitoring and control
not true
CO2 flow control
not true
N2 flow control
not true

Innovative Single-Use Airlift Bioreactors

Cellexus researches, develops and manufactures the CellMaker range of revolutionary single-use, airlift bioreactor systems and related technology. Its single-use bioreactor range offers a faster route to market than conventional technologies. Together with Cellexus’ R&D team, we offer a personalised solution for every application and every client.

CellMaker System
The CellMaker range of single-use airlift bioreactor systems simplify, accelerate and improve cell culture and fermentation processes with a system expertly designed for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. We offer different system configurations and controllers to match the specific needs of your lab.

How it improves your lab
• Minimal risk of cross contamination
• Saving valuable lab space thanks to the compact design
• No aggressive chemicals required
• Energy costs savings
• and many more!


Cellexus CellMaker BioReactor Details

Why single-use BioReactor?
Lots of conventional bioreactors come with a culture vessel made of glass or stainless steel. Despite their effectiveness in producing the product of interest, they come with multiple disadvantages. These drawbacks came be overcome with single-use bioreactors.

The benefits of single-use bioreactors:
• Reduction of cross contamination risk
• Enhancement biological and process safety
• No need for cleaning and sterilizing
• Reduction maintenance costs
• Limited downtime

Overall, this results in higher efficiency, safety and productivity in the lab.

The Airlift Technology explained
The single-use system set-up is comprised of a Controller, Enclosure and Bioreactor. The contents of the bioreactor are agitated by an influx of gases through a sparge tube.

Airlift Technology
The CellMaker range of bioreactors use a patented airlift technology unique to Cellexus. The bioreactor system uses gas bubbles to move cells and nutrients. Inside every sterile CellMaker Bioreactor is a sparge tube which is used to distribute gases, such as air, oxygen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide, through the bioreactor contents.

Optimal growth conditions
The patented airlift technology eliminates the need for mechanical mixing, instead using bubbles to move cells and nutrients, providing optimal aeration for rapid growth of cells.

Flexible, safe and efficient
The system offers flexibility to produce a range of cell types using the same platform. Disposable bioreactors are used to eliminate cleaning and contamination, reducing downtime between runs and decreasing your time to market.

The benefits for your lab
Benefits of the CellMaker Bioreacter single-use airlift system: • Eliminates the need for mechanical mixing • Excellent Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR) • No cleaning required thanks to our disposable CellMaker Bioreactors • No additional equipment, such as shakers, rockers and external heating and cooling systems required. • he system is self-contained to save you space in the lab.
The specially designed CellMaker Bioreactors sterile bags are fitted into the enclosure and the contents are agitated by bubbles created by a customizable influx of gasses. The robust system is designed without any moving parts, eliminating the chance of mechanical failure. In addition, gentle agitation from our bubbles reduces the risk of cell shearing usually associated with impellers. Both bags are available in sizes 8L and 50L to suit your enclosure, and provide working volumes of 3L to 8L, and 10L to 50L.


• The CellMaker Regular Bioreactors are compatible for use with our CellMaker Regular Controller and CellMaker Plus Controller.
• The CellMaker Plus Bioreactors are specifically designed for use with our CellMaker Plus Controller only.
• The bags contain a sensor for measuring dissolved oxygen and a pH port making these bags ideal for providing precise control over more challenging processes.
Bioreactors in general require control systems for media, gases, agitation, heating, cooling, liquid effluent, PH control reagent and vents.

Fermentation flexibility
The cellmakers controllers make the system flexible. You can choose the capacity of interest, either 8L or 50L. The interchangeable enclosures enable easy scale up. One system can be used to produce a range of cells.

We offer two types of controllers:
• The CellMaker Regular Controller allows for manual and automatic control of microbial bioprocesses.
• The CellMaker Plus Controller is fitted with sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen as well as temperature control from 16°C to 40°C. It provide automated optimization of the culture conditions allowing excellent reproducibility.

Upscaling for more throughput
It is possible to easily scale up your CellMaker Regular system with a Dual Controller to double your processes. This results in the added functionality of running two Enclosures at the same with the features of the Regular Controller.
These enclosures both being managed from the same controller unit can run identical or separate processes.

Choose or upgrade the set-up according to the desired throughput:
• 2 x 8L enclosures
• 2 x 50L enclosures
• 1 x 8L and 1 x 50L enclosures