Cellexus’ CellMaker

Improve and accelerate your cell culture and fermentation processes

Fermentation is used in many laboratories to grow strains of prokaryotes (e.g. bacteria, yeast, algea) or eukaryotic cell lines (plant and animal cells) in a controlled biologically active environment for scientific applications.
Different methods are available on the market to perform fermentation. The process is often performed through bioreactors. Although traditional bioreactors are frequently used, they can come with drawbacks, i.e. they are labour intensive, come with a high contamination risk and result in an extensive downtime. This delays research and production.
Therefore, Cellexus introduces a unique type of single-use bioreactors: CellMaker systems. This type of bioreactors eliminates problems often found with conventional bioreactors. This results in a faster route to the market and to the publishing of high quality articles.
The CellMaker range of single-use bioreactors are designed to speed up and simplify cell culture and fermentation processes. The patented airlift technology delivers a unique way of aerating and mixing your cell culture and fermentation processes, offering a more efficient and faster route to market. The systems are complete with 21 CFR PART 11 compliant software, accessible through a touchscreen monitor.

Cellexus' CellMaker Single-use BioReactors
Complete your bioreactor with two Enclosures and the CellMaker Bioreactor Bags.

Cellexus' CellMaker Accessories
The CellMaker has been proven successful with microbial fermentations, such as E. coli and P. pastoris, and bacteriophage amplification, making it ideal for applications in the life sciences, biopharmaceutical, agrochemical and food industries.