BioMolecular Imaging

Uvitec is a Leading European molecular biology imaging systems manufacturer, founded in Cambridge UK in 1996, offering high-end solutions in Genomics and Proteomics.

Pop Bio Imaging is built on over 100 years of collective imaging experience, with an expert development team having developed multiple patented imaging techniques for the scientific and healthcare markets.
Uvitec offers different multi-mode systems for fluorescence, chemiluminescence and near IR applications with interchangeable transilluminators, a super-wide lens aperture and a high resolution.

Uvitec Alliance Q9 Advanced
Uvitec Alliance Q9 Mini
Uvitec Mini HD9

Pop Bio Imaging: Simply the latest technology to enhance your gel and blot imaging

Pop Bio VüF for Fluorescence
Pop Bio VüC for Chemiluminescence
For gel imaging Uvitec offers stand alone - and computer controled systems. Some of them are upgradable to chemiluminescence. The live preview mode ensures quick and easy sample positioning and fine focus. Perfect images just one click away.

Uvitec Platinum V10
Uvitec FireReader V10
Uvitec Essential V6
Uvitec Uvidoc HD6 Touch
Uvitec UviSave Q9