Uvitec Alliance Q9-365 Advanced

Full Imaging Platform


The UVITEC Alliance Q9-365 is an advanced imaging system based on proprietary optics and a super-cooled 9.2 megapixel, 16-bit pixel depth camera. The large 1 inch SONY CCD sensor and extremely bright motorised fixed lens (f0.90) provide low noise, increased sensitivity and resolution and make the Alliance Q9-365 ideal for visible light, fluorescent, chemiluminescent (Western blot), chemifluorescent, biofluorescent and multiplexed imaging applications. The Alliance Q9-365 incorporates an impressive list of features such as auto-focus, auto-exposure, UV security timer, motorized 6 position filter wheel and multiple wavelength illumination options.

The Alliance Q9-365 incorporates the NET LED lighting module (please see below). The NET LED is an epi-illumination module into which powerful LED red, green, blue, NIR or infrared strip lights can be inserted. The NET LED modules are attached on each side of the Alliance Q9-365 darkroom with adjustable arms and the long-life LEDs are organized in arrays in order to maximize excitation energy on the sample.

The NET LED module allows the automatic setting of filters, lens focus and exposure settings to ensure data consistency and ease of use and its incorporation into the Alliance Q9-365 expands the capabilities of the system to include multiplexed fluorescence and chemifluorescence. The module, when fitted with infrared arrays, can be used to image LI-COR and similar infrared dyes.

The UVITEC Alliance Q9-365 Advanced 365 also features either 254 or 365 nm epi-UV illumination to expand its applications.

Uvitec Alliance Q9-365 Advanced product video.

Uvitec Alliance Q9-365 Advanced Details

In the spotlight
Alliance Q9-365 is an advanced imaging system designed to cover a large number of applications thanks to its proprietary optics combined with a deeply cooled 9.2 megapixel, 16 bit depth camera. Ideal for western blot, 1D and 2D gels, fluorescence and any imminent epi fluorescence applications on Western blots, the system is extremely sensitive, with extreme resolution and low noise.

Motorised F0.90 lens
Alliance Q9-365 includes an impressive list of features such as auto-focus, auto-exposure, UV security timer and override, motorised F0.90 lens and motorised filter wheel. The system offers up to 12 illumination possibilities as an option and 5 already include. Its complete automated imaging approach from filter wheel positioning, to lighting system and lens aperture, makes Alliance Q9-365 a unique system on the market.

Designed to be used
Pick up many imaging systems and you start to wonder if their designers have ever taken a picture themselves. Alliance Q9-365 was designed from the start with the User in mind. This means menus that make sense, buttons that are easy to understand and operate, a wide range of automatic settings, covering virtually every imaginable application and protocol driven working principles.
If you prefer a more “hands-on” approach, you will love the manual controls. Alliance Q9-365 has the ability to grow with the user and has a list of optional features extensive enough to satisfy the most demanding lab User.

Chemical attraction
• Chemiluminescence, bio-luminescence, fluorescence and visible
• Multiplexing and bio fluorescence ready
• Quantification and documentation
• Gene expression, protein expression; RNA/DNA assay, colonies
• In vivo by luciferase
• RGB Led equipped
• Optional in vivo by RFP/GFP
• Optional “Chromapure” module to image any blot conjugated with any dyes available on the market from Invitrogen,
GE Life Science, Thermo Pierce, Sigma, Millipore, Promega, Licor
• Optional customisable multiplexing

Epi red, green and blue “Chromapure” module technology
The Alliance Q9-365 imaging system can be fitted with an epi red, green and blue “Chromapure” module for multiplexing. This module uses unique NET LED epi fluorescence technology to give a stronger and more even light across the entire sample area. This contrasts to the spot LEDs in other gel imaging systems that emit a weaker signal and create non-uniform lighting across the sample area.

What also differentiates UVITEC's NET LED technology from other epi fluorescence systems is that the “Chromapure” module has three individual high end filters placed over the NET LED module. These filters only allow the excitation peak of the red, green or blue LED light to pass through to maximally excite your fluorophores.

Using peak excitation reduces the degree of signal overlap during multiplexing and the LED NET module ensures that this strong excitation signal is spread evenly across the sample area. Eight different emission filters are available for the NET LED module so that you can choose the correct filter to match your fluorescent dye's emission spectra.

In the following table you will find a list fluorescence dyes which are compatible with the “Chromapure” module:

Blue excitation Green excitation Red/Near Infra-red excitation Infra-red excitation
SYBR Green I® ALEXA FLUOR 546® CY5, CY5.5® DYLIGHT 800®
SYBR Green II® CY3® DYLIGHT 649® IR DYE 800®
FAM® LI680/IRDye 680®

uvitec images

• Scientific grade CCD camera
• Super HD 9.2 megapixel native camera resolution
• Chemiluminescence , bio-luminescence, epi white light LED and UV excitation
• RGB LED included
• Optional IR/NIR customisable “Chromapure” module
• Optional customisable multiplexing
• Automatic lighting controls
• Custom emission filters available
• Motorised multi position filter wheel
• 16-bit depth camera (65,535 shades of gray)
• Dynamic range: 4.8 OD
• Extreme sensitivity and resolution
• Electronically variable shutter speed
• Ideal for sensitivity demanding applications such as Western blots or in vivo luciferase
• Ideal for resolution demanding applications such as 1D quantification, 2D gels
• Cooling -60°C regulated 3 stage Peltier for the lowest noise and the best detection of the weakest band
• Extremely bright custom made motorised fixed lens (F0.90)
• Autofocus, auto-exposure
• Robust steel and stainless steel darkroom construction, epoxy painted chemical resistant
• Roll-out transilluminator, UVI pure patented option
• Advance UVIband software available
• Direct access to key functions
• Multi-user capability
• Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) file
• IQ/PQ/OQ available
• “One touch” fully automated image acquisition program

• Resolution: 9.2 megapixels (3380 x 2704) native resolution with 18 megapixel extended resolution
• Quantum efficiency (QE) peak: larger than 73%
• Lens: 24 mm
• Lens aperture: f0.90
• Distance to sample: 24 cm
• Field of view: 24 cm x 20 cm
• Pixel depth: 16 bit
• Grey scales: 65536
• Dynamic range: 4.8 OD
• Filter wheel: 7 position motorised
• Cooling: -80°C compared to ambient

System configuration
The following items are included in the purchase of the Alliance Q9-365:
• Darkroom with epi white light
• 9.2 megapixel CCD camera with f0.90 lens
• 6 position motorised filter wheel
• UVIPure transilluminator

• Unlimited free license for the NINE-ALLIANCE image acquisition and analysis software
• Emission filter (F590) for use with Ethidium bromide and other fluorophores that emit in the 590 nm range

• Chemiluminescence, Bioluminescence
• UV Fluorescence
• RGB LED excitation
• Fluorescence on Western Blots: Optional IR/NIR “Chromapure” module
• Optional Customisable Multiplexing

Alliance Q9-365 Advanced Q9 Software

A wide range of software functions are incorporated into the UVI 1D image acquisition and analysis software that is supplied with the Alliance Q9-365. These include intuitive menus, buttons that are easy to understand and to operate and a wide range of automatic settings and protocols to quicken and simplify the image acquisition process. If you prefer a more hands-on approach then plenty of manual functionality has also been incorporated into the Alliance Q9-365's software. Key features of the software include:

• Auto - Manual - Serial
• Optimal exposure time Live-3D acquisition mode
• tiff-delivered pictures

• Create your own acquisition protocols
• Create templates
• Set your parameters

• Adjust Gamma & SoG
• Visualise all results in 3D
• Full resolution images

• Improve image display
• Add text, date, name and save templates
• Change image dynamic

• Quantification & normalisation
• Molecular Weight
• Export data to Excel

Unlimited free license for the NINE-ALLIANCE image acquisition and analysis software